Make a Reservation

Your experience starts with your reservation.

To help you choose the best method for making your reservation, we’ve put together some guidelines below.

When to choose an online reservation...

  • Making a single site reservation (not multiple sites)
  • When making payment by credit/debit card. Gift certificates, discount & gift cards cannot be processed online
  • If you are a returning guest and know what site you want to reserve. We suggest calling if you are not sure what site or unit would meet your needs.

When to choose a phone reservation...

  • If you are new to Pineland Campground and need help picking a site for your needs (ATV trail access, etc.)
  • If you are interested in reserving multiple sites for a group, please call our office to ensure your needs are met.
  • If you would like to use a gift certificate, discount or gift card, please call the office so we can assist in making your reservation. Unfortunately, our online reservation system does not allow the option for processing discounts or gift cards.

Should a special need need to be addressed due to a disability, please call (608) 564-7818 or email us at for additional information regarding our premises. We now have a wheelchair accessible cabin available, please call or email for details.