Dear Camping Enthusiasts…

I want to welcome you all to our new and improved blog.  We here at Pineland Camping Park are so excited for the new season to start. Our official reopening will be April 13, 2018.

We have many great new changes starting with bands every Saturday night throughout the season.  We have changed the wristband program to be less complicated and based on how tall a person is so that those amusements restricted by height will not be paid for by those unable to use them.  We continue to work on ways to give more value for the cost of the wristband program.

We are also hoping to improve the kids crafts.  Our goal is to make them more memorable while keeping them inexpensive. We are open to suggestions and volunteers!  If someone has a good idea that costs more than we budget for there may be a small fee attached to the activity.

Another goal is to have new washer pits installed for your enjoyment. We’re hoping it will give us an opportunity to have tournaments and a good excuse to party as a group.

We will continue to have movie night on Friday nights with a featured rated G movie.

We hope you like out our new and improved website. Please let us know what you think.

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